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Visit to Rajasthan Holiday Tour

Rajasthan Holiday Tour
Every Tourist destination of India is unique in its own way but Rajasthan is the most fascinating among all of them. The land of valor and sacrifice Rajasthan is blessed with some of the most amazing sand dunes, magnificent forts, ancient temples, traditional attires, colorful fair and festivals, enchanting palaces, crystalline lakes and many more like these. The exquisite state of Rajasthan is located on the Western Ghats which has some of the most beautiful cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Udaipur, Jaisalmer etc that attract visitors from all across the world. Most of the visitors who tour Rajasthan felt amazed about knowing the regal lifestyles of Kings and Queens. Camel Safaris, wildlife adventure, multi cuisines, folk dances and music play a major role to make Rajasthan as one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the world.
Rajasthan Holiday Tour
The Indian history owns a lot to this royal state that renders a unique identity to the religion. Forts and royal palaces adorn the land of Rajasthan like Gems. The Rajasthan Tour provides the visitors to explore the marvelous beauty and unique architecture of these monuments like junagarh fort, Amber Fort, Mehrangarh fort,Chittorgarh fort etc which are some of the finest examples of grandeur art and architecture of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is one of the most charming destinations of honeymooners. Jaipur the Pink city is famous for its grand palaces, amazing forts and havelis, Udaipur the City of Lakes is famous for its lakes then Jaisalmer is famous for its sand dunes and camel safaris that allure visitors to tour Rajasthan at least once in lifetime.
Rajasthan Holiday Tour
For adventure seekers tour to Rajasthan is the most memorable experience of their lives as the state has some exciting wildlife sanctuaries and national parks like Ranthambore National Park, Keoladeo National Park,Sariska National Park. The diversified flora and fauna fond here is not visible in any corner of the world. Camel Safari on a tour to Rajasthan is the most exhilarating experience. The most exciting part of these safaris is that they provides the visitors an opportunity to explore the village life in close corners, Folk dances around the bonfire surrounded by the sand dunes is the another highlight of such a tour.
Rajasthan Holiday Tour
Rajasthan is counted among the best tours all over the worlds. So tour to Rajasthan is also included in golden triangle tour along with Delhi and Agra. Rajasthan is particularly famed for its colorful handicrafts in local bazaars. The markets are festooned with local handicraft products full of varied art forms such as fabrics, jewelry, decorative items, leather wears, wood crafts sculptures miniature all reminiscent of Royal Rajputana Age are the favorite buys at these bazaars. A tour to Rajasthan is incomplete without gorging its delectable local multi cuisines. Dal Bati Churma, Bikaneri Bhujia, Mirchi Bada and Pyaz Kachori, Bajre ki roti, Lehsun ki Chutney are some of the famous cuisines of Rajasthan.

Plan a Rajasthan tour with Rajasthan holiday.com and explore the enchanting land of splendid beauty that gives you and your family the gift of several memories and timeless moments to trip to Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Tours Operator Gives Rajasthan Tour Packages

Rajasthan Tours
The majestic land of Rajasthan is a globally celebrated tourist destination that fascinates the visitors from all corners of the world. Its affluent traditions, cultural heritage, vibrant lifestyle, lip smacking cuisines, great geographical diversity soaked in royal splendor makes it one of the most sough after tourist destination of India. Every city of Rajasthan offer distinct flavor of culture to its visitor that draws tourists from far off places to this land of bravery and vigor, royalty and aristocracy this is still preserved in the culture of this desert state of India. On a tour to Rajasthan there is so much to see and explore that the visitors come here again and again to have a wonderful enriching experience of the desert of India, the Rajasthan.
Rajasthan tour packages comprise some of the most visited cities in India. Jaipur the capital of Rajasthn is also known as Pink City is famous for its forts, palaces and havelis that tell the stories of bravery and vigor of various Rajput dynasties who had ruled the Rajasthan. Some of the must see places in Jaipur include Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Amer Fort Etc. Udaipur is called as the “City of Lakes”. It is surrounded by various lakes that add more charm to the beauty of the state. The temples of Udaipur are known for their striking architecture and impressive structures. Jaislmer the other most visited city of Rajasthan is visited due to its ancient havelis, camel safaris and the spectacular San san dunes of Rajasthan. Jodhpur theBlue city of desert is known for its historical forts and palaces such as Umaid Bhawan and Mehrangarh Fort on the outskirts of the city.
Tours to Rajasthan are ultimate for a culture and history freak. In addition to Historical places, it offers its visitors a golden opportunity to explore the extensive wildlife of Asian habitat as Rajasthan has various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Ranthambore National Park, Sariska National Park are paradise for nature lovers. Different tours for Rajasthan are organized to meet the purpose of visit of discrete travelers. The vibrancy of Rajasthan can be felt the moment one enters to this culturally rich state. Rajasthan tour acquaint visitors with folk, art, music, handicrafts and century old traditions only prove to be the icing on the cake. The grandeur and magnificence of Rajasthan is well covered with Rajasthan Tour packages and provide them an enriching experience that will remain carver in their memory for long time
Rajasthan Tour
Rajasthan Tour packages helps you to visit this incredibly beautiful state and experience the over whelming hospitality of the state that will force you to make frequent tours to Rajasthan. India Holiday Packages bring forward an exclusive array of brilliantly designed Rajasthan tour packages that takes you to the glorious land of Maharajas that has some thing for everyone. These Rajasthan tour packages are specially tailored made to meet the requirements of every traveler to cater the needs of every guest. You can select from a long list of Rajasthan tour packages that also includes cheap and budget tour packages. So book a tour with us and leave all your niggling travel worries behind.
So you just relax, and plan for Rajasthan Tours rejoice and rejuvenate as you walk along the shores of these breath. So pack your sunscreen and flip-flops and get yourself to Best Rajasthan Holiday Tour.

Rajasthan Wildlife Tour- Indian Travel Destination Packages

Rajasthan Wildlife Tour
The magnificently beautiful state of Rajasthan is not only renowned for its rich cultural heritage and architectural masterpieces but is also blessed with diverse flora and fauna. Rajasthan is a home to various exotic wild life sanctuaries and national parks providing shelter to the most endangered species of birds and animals. The state has some of the finest wild life sanctuaries and animal reserves that attract thousands of animal enthusiasts and bird lovers from all around the world. Some of the amazing wildlife destinations that the visitors can explore on Rajasthan wildlife tour include.

Ranthambore National Park:-Ranthambore National park is one of the finest animal reserves of India nestled amidst the lush picturesque surroundings of Aravali and Vindhya mountain ranges of Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan which is about 130 km from Jaipur. Sprawling across 400 sq km Ranthambore was established as Sawai Madhopur Game Sanctuary in the year 1955 and later on was declared a Tiger Reserve in 1973 and became National Park in 1980. The lush vegetation undulating rugged terrains, numerous rocky cliffs, man made artificial water resources support wide variety of wildlife. Today the Animal reserve provides shelter to various endangered species of animal and plants. On a tour to Ranthambore National park visitors can enjoy elephant rides, jeep safaris to enjoy the wild animal roaming freely in their natural habitat. Jogi Mahal and Raj Bagh are the other interesting places to visit on Ranthambore wildlife safari.
Keoladeo Ghana National Park:- Formerly known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, the Keoladeo National Park is situated in the Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. It is a famous avifaunal sanctuary that is a home to various endangered species of local and migratory birds that came here from far off places and made the National park as their home. It is a major tourist attraction with scores of Ornithologists arriving here in the hibernal season. The park was established as a National park in 1982 and later on a World Heritage site in 1985. Cycle-rickshaw ride in the park is the most preferred way to watch the birds in their natural surroundings. Today the Park is recognized as the most important breeding and feed grounds for the birds in the world.

Rajasthan Wildlife Tour
Sariska National Park:-One of the famous national parks of North India Sariska is located in Alwar district of Rajasthan. It is packed with diversified flora and fauna supporting dry deciduous type. Once the hunting preserves of the erstwhile Alwar state it was declared a wildlife reserve in 1955. Later on in 1978 it was given the status of Tiger reserve under the Project Tiger scheme. Sprawling across the area of 800 Sq km it is much larger and less commercialized animal reserve of India. There are many monuments and places of religious significance which are situated with in the boundaries of Sariska National Park. The Kankwari Fort and ancient Shiva Temple are the major tourist attractions of the Sariska National Park. Being placed very close to the major cities like Delhi and Jaipur it is one of the most visited animal reserves of Rajasthan.
Rajasthan Holiday Tours provides various Rajasthan wildlife tour packages to explore the rich and exotic flora and fauna of the state and enjoy its beauty.Rajasthan Tour is indeed a unique experience to view the life of animals and birds in their natural habitat.
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